CCTV Systems

Honeywell Dome camera
Honeywell Dome camera
Speed dome camera
Speed dome camera
Latest Affordable Systems

As with the leap in intruder alarms technology CCTV development has seen better equipment and lower cost systems on the market, making CCTV more cost effective not only for the smaller business but domestic applications too.

Custom Designed Systems

All Anglia Electrical & Security Ltd CCTV systems are designed and tailored for every individual situation, to meet our customer’s particular requirements.

Important Features

Our CCTV Systems feature

  • High resolution day-night systems (Colour during the day automatically switching to monochrome at night)
  • Single or multi screen viewing
  • Duplex operation (Simultaneous recording and viewing)
  • Digital Recording
  • Correct recording time and quality
  • Pan, tilt and zoom camera options
  • Monitoring via our central station (if required)
  • LAN Networks ready
Free Site Survey

Anglia Electrical & Security Ltd provides a free on-site survey with professional advice is the first step in the right direction to protect your business or home.

Integrated and Monitored Systems

Our systems allow for full integration with other systems like alarm and/or access control and off site monitoring via our central station to give greater protection to your business/property.

Covert CCTV

In the battle against internal crime from within, Anglia Electrical & Security Ltd provides covert and discreet installation. With short or long term rental or purchase options of covert equipment.

We can arrange on-site surveys and installation out of normal working hours to install various types of covert cameras some of which only need a 2mm hole to view an entire room!

Almost any type of container or picture can be modified to accommodate a camera.

The pictures are fed to a secure location where they can be viewed on a monitor and recorded in real time providing date and time onto the screen.

With our expertise in CCTV we can help in detecting theft in delicate situations.